WooDaddy is closed for now!

Dear Community,

WooDaddy will be closed Sunday 9/16/12 and for the next few weeks at least. Our last day serving in Moynihans was September 9th. We have been planning a move out of Moynihans for some time and had planned a last day in November. That plan was abruptly cut short and we will no longer be inside Moynihans starting immediately.

We are actively looking for a new space to host us. We are grateful to our loyal following. We out you we would not be. Although unexpected, this is a positive change and we look forward to being in a much better and more like minded space very soon.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please send us a message to pre-order your limited edition waffle shirt today. We need your support to help our relocation!

Bicycle Mill Continues

Working with plans developed by Maya Pedal for corn growers in Guatemala, we are building our very own Bicycle Powered Grain Mill!  After receiving a donation of $500 for parts and labor we have started the project and are extremely excited.  We believe that this is both awesome and necessary as our goal of running an ecologically responsible business means taking low-tech solutions developed for developing world applications and brining them here, to the energy obease first world, where they belong.  We just bough 20 feet of angle iron.  Last week we received a bicycle donated by Worcester Earn-a-Bike.  Next week we build the frame!!